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OsteYou – your English speaking private practice for osteopathy in Dresden

Welcome to OsteYou. OsteYou is providing you with a safe space where people are fine just the way they are. So let’s join hands and reclaim your health.

What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a unique form of medicine. Its goal is to identify and treat functional disorders in the body to help restore health by promoting self-regulation. The treatment is done using hands only. Here, patients are always viewed as a whole person according to the Bio-Psycho-Social model. Osteopathy takes care about people of all ages and genders.


Many private and statutory health insurances are copaying costs for osteopathic treatments. On average €40 – €60 at 3 – 6 treatments per year are covered. Please check with your insurance company under what terms they will copay for osteopathic treatments.

The cost for the treatment of adults is €100 per consultation and €75 for babies and children. (Prices will change starting 1st of march 2023. New prices 115 for adults and 85 for infants/children)

About me

Your osteopath – Markus Weslowski, MS – Osteopathy.

It is very important to me to put you in the center of every treatment. How often do we find ourselves in a hectic, stressful and nonpersonal environment – so how about making this one time just about you? I would very much like to meet you at OsteYou Dresden. You can find OsteYou at the „Kreativzentrum“ (Building B, Level 3) located at 13B Leipziger Straße in 01097 Dresden. See you soon!


Ziel ist, es dem behandelten Menschen zu ermöglichen, sich selbst auf natürliche Art und Weise ins Gleichgewicht zu bringen.

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Kinder Osteopathie

Die Osteopathie ist für alle Altersklassen. Dies gilt selbstverständlich auch für Kinder, die sich in einem Lebensabschnitt befinden, in dem sich innere und äußere Einflüsse so entscheidend auswirken.

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